This fall, Judge Jerry Springer is back for a third season of outrageous drama in the courtroom! The iconic Jerry Springer continues his first-run, half-hour, court program airing in national syndication. JUDGE JERRY merges his talent for connecting with people, his incredibly relatable and funny personality, and his legal training to bring viewers a highly entertaining half-hour of fun each weekday. JUDGE JERRY tapes in front of a live studio audience on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays in Studio B.


MAURY is a daily, one-hour, nationally syndicated talk show hosted by veteran journalist Maury Povich. Featuring popular topics such as “Who’s the Father,” the audience is entertained with paternity tests determining the correct father and telling truth from lie through polygraph tests. Adding to the drama, each episode includes backstage and behind-the-scenes access for loyal viewers who have always wondered how the show operates. Having recently completed its 23rd season, MAURY plans to return to taping with live audiences in September 2021. MAURY tapes Thursdays and Fridays in COVID19 compliant Studio A.


Former U.S. Marine and Chicago police officer, Steve Wilkos, uses his signature brand of tough-love to approach a wide range of issues such as domestic violence, substance abuse, teen pregnancy, child endangerment, gang affiliation, and racism in this hour-long, nationally syndicated, talk show. THE STEVE WILKOS SHOW recently completed Season #14 and will return in September 2021 with a live studio audience on Tuesdays & Wednesdays in COVID19 compliant Studio A.


Emmy® Award-winning daytime talk show THE DOCTORS returned for its 13th season on September 21, 2020, taping on Sundays and Mondays in COVID19 compliant Studio A. Hosted by plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon and physician Dr. Ian Smith, THE DOCTORS is focused on being an empowering resource for viewers and will feature straightforward, trustworthy medical news, real-life stories and celebrity exclusives. THE DOCTORS is produced by Stage 29 Productions and distributed by CBS Media Ventures.


Court TV’s all-new, original true crime series began taping at SMC’s Studio A on Sundays in the Fall of 2021. Bringing viewers storytelling at its best and incorporating the most popular cases in the Court TV vault- past and present – these are stories that have captured national attention. Take a deep dive into the most provocative and talked about trials and cases of all-time. With brand new interviews and exclusive first-time-ever reveals, renowned legal journalist Ashleigh Banfield sheds a new light on iconic trials, further exploring everything people only thought they knew about these touchstones in judicial history.



  • Dateline Daily – Pilot, Studio A
  • Duo – Pilot, Studio A
  • Colosseum – Pilot, Studio A
  • Judge Jerry – Pilot, Studio B
  • Married to the Truth – Pilot, Studio A
  • The Jerry Springer Show – Series, Studio A
  • The Squad – Pilot, Studio A
  • Crazy Talk – Series, Studio A
  • Crazy Talk – Pilot, Studio A
  • Crazy Talk – Promo Shoot, Studios A & B
  • Your Mother or Your Wife Game Show – Pilot, Studio A
  • The Robert Irvine Show – Promo Shoot, Studio B
  • NBCUniversal – Promo Shoot, Studios A & B
  • Lidia’s Kitchen – Green-Screen Show Open, Studio B
  • Trisha – Series, Studio A
  • The Bill Cunningham Show – Pilot, Studio A
  • The Bill Cunningham Show – Promo Shoot, Studio B
  • The Jenny McCarthy Show – Pilot, Studio A
  • The Steve Harvey Show – Pilot, Studio A
  • The Judith Reagan Show – Pilot, Studio A

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